Monday, December 1, 2008

omgz pixorz

Yea, I've been slacking on this blog thing for a little while. Anyways, here are a couple pictures from the last couple days. I guess this has turned into a photo blog? I'm ok with that.

I found these 'shrooms at Crump Park after we had kidnapped Melissa for her birthday. She wanted to go geocaching, but I was too dumb to jerry-rig my TomTom to be precise enough to work. Oh well...
Another night at David's. Everyone was amused by the realistic death scenes you can create in Grand Theft Auto.
This is from Thanksgiving, after the turkey was gone and the stuffing was demolished and we could barely hold our eyes open.
Gettin' artsy with candles!
Oh no! Its Gojirra!
My buddy. CubeDude.
Professor Fink, I think his name is, from the Simpsons. Thank you Burger King.

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